A Heat Wave Catastrophe Slaughters Millions

In his novel The Ministry for the Future, Kim Stanley Robinson imagines radical change in response to a heat wave like the one in Portland and Pakistan.

Despite violence, ecological calamity and a super-depression, The Ministry for the Future is ultimately an optimistic book…

Police Riot: A Nationwide Orgy of Violence by Police Attempts to Crush Dissent by Beating, Gassing, and Shooting Protesters.

Outfitted in militarized Robocop regalia, the police viciously attack protestors, bystanders, and journalists with batons, chemical weapons, and “less lethal” rubber and bean bag bullets. In Austin, Texas, a 20-year-old man…

Author Albert Camus

Albert Camus’ The Plague evokes the malign contagion of Trumpism — the mindless death cult that contaminates America with its corruption, incompetence, vindictiveness and its disdain for facts, science, logic, democracy, and human life. In Camus’ 1947 novel, the plague begins with infected rats invading the Algerian city of Oran…

Like the dystopian nightmare imagined in Alfonso Cuarón’s 2006 science fiction masterpiece Children of Men, Trump’s xenophobic efforts to terminate immigration result in death, suffering, humiliation, and destroyed lives.

From the 2006 film “Children of Men”

Under Trump, the speed of America’s plunge into casual barbarism is breathtaking. Along with the illusory border wall, the immigration clampdown…

Dan Dinello

Newest book is CHILDREN OF MEN which illuminates the science fiction masterpiece. He also wrote TECHNOPHOBIA! SCIENCE FICTION VISIONS OF POSTHUMAN TECHNOLOGY.

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